Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Regarding “The New Ipad”

Overall I’m pretty excited about the New Ipad and the main take away from the announcement is

1. 2X the resolution of the old Ipad
2. Better Graphics Chip
3. No Siri on Ipad…yet?
4. 5 Megapixal Camera

What does that all mean to me?
Siri isn’t ready without a server connection at all given times.
      Meaning we won’t see a Siri until
               They figure out a solution of what non network based commands it can do without a connection.
                And then if it’s even market viable.    

The Graphics upgrade is in conjunction with keeping up with Tegra tablets.

The new Camera with Messenger Beta and facetime will be a push towards Icloud and integration with everything apple.

Airplay hopefully will be improved with this.

I also really like the demo of the pixilation difference between the Ipad2 and the new IPad 
I’m also excited about the Apple TV with it’s 1080P streaming. I can’t wait to check out how to get the best performance out of it.

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