Friday, March 9, 2012

4G or not 4G Reblog

4G or not? 

Owners of AT&T's iPhone 4S are a bit confused with the 4G cell signal icon now appearing on their devices after they updated to the new iOS 5.1.
While the AT&T iPhone 4S model runs on the wireless carrier's HSPA+ network, a slightly faster version than 3G, it is not receiving 4G or 4G LTE speeds which are 10 times faster than 3G.
The iPhone 4S does not have the chipset required to access a 4G network. It will run at the same speed before the iOS 5.1 update.
However, AT&T spokeswoman Kelly Starling said "iPhone 4S customers have been getting 4G since day one."
AT&T's company response: "Apple has updated its iOS software to show a 4G network indicator when customers are on AT&T’s 4G network.  Only AT&T’s network lets iPhone 4S download 3 times faster, and only AT&T customers have access to the nation’s largest 4G network covering nearly 250M people."

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Confusing? Yes.
While some are calling AT&T and Apple dishonest and manipulative, part of the problem is that the definition of cell signals, known as 2G, 3G, and 4G, is a bit fuzzy.
A 2010 decision by the International Telecommunications Union, an agency of the United Nations that establishes worldwide telecom standards, shows that 4G is an "undefined term" that can be applied to LTE and "evolved 3G technologies."
AT&T andT-Mobile rebranded their HSPA+ networks as 4G.
LTE, which is a true 4G technology, is marketed as 4G LTE.
The new iPad, announced earlier this week, will run on 4G LTE.
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This is a reblog
I don't take any credit in this repost or claim that it is my words. I'm simply blogging it for informational purposes. 

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