Thursday, March 8, 2012

C910 Versus C920 (Out of Box Difference)

Unboxing the C920

Screw Hole (Not in the C910) (C910 on the right)


In the center is a movable tab that help’s fit the C920 (Left)
How the Tab fits on a Macbook Pro(Right)

The C910 Not fitting as tight as the C920

The Red Lens of the C920

C920 and C910 Side by Side

My experience with the C910 is that it’s a solid webcam. I haven’t had time to test out the difference between the two or even power up the C920.

The C920 out of box has a bigger lens section. A Better fitting method and it also doesn't have the Blue lights that the C910 would power up when active. (This I guess would remove the blueish hue in low light situations) I personally never had a problem with that though. 

I’ve been asked to do a comparison video but my biggest roadblock is what should I be doing as I do this comparison?

I can’t wait to test it out though.
Performance tests coming up next! 


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