Monday, March 22, 2010

Why all the Ohm Nom?

When I was in jr high school, I spent a summer at UCD with my sister to experience college life before high school. I only remember a few things about Davis since than.

1. My first job application was to their tapioca express.
2.Summer in Davis is efffing hot.
3.Meeting my sister’s current husband for the first time. (boyfriend at the time)

He’s a guy who loves to experience life. I remember how he would take both my sister and I out to eat on all those different summer nights.
I still remember some of those places as the best and first real food experiences.
Some of the places that really stand out from those memories are

1.Melting pot
2.Seafood something in Sacramento. I remember really amazing clams and bloody shrimp.
3.A now closed down Mongolian bbq place.
4.Fuji’s sushi

Either way I remember eating a lot of food with my sister and her current husband, sadly to say I haven’t been able to spend as much time or as much random fun with her since than. On one of those occasions I remember asking him “Why are you willing to spend all this money on restaurants and food?”

and his response was along the lines “Can you really put a price on an experience?”

Since than, I’ve really expanded my experience being all over the place.
So this blog is really about an experience of a food.

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